Cotswold School has a large, vibrant staff team who are committed to providing a quality learning environment and learning opportunities for all students. Our principal is focused on improving learning and teaching, empowering teachers and actively fostering teamwork.  Our teachers are focused on improving their teaching practice and the learning opportunities they provide for students. They work collaboratively and continually reflect on their practice. 
We are fortunate in having a large, experienced administrative, property management and support staff that ensure our attractive environment is maintained and  students at risk of not achieving are supported through an effective learning support programme.
Positive and respectful relationships exist between teachers and students and among students.  These reflect our school’s focus on specific values and beliefs such as caring and sense of community.  Our teachers know their students well and respond promptly to their requests for support.  Students spoken with by the Education Review Office (ERO) during their last visit to the school, felt well supported by teachers and were positive about their learning.

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