The Cotswold Way

The New Zealand Curriculum sets the national direction for learning for all students. The New Zealand Curriculum identifies values to be encouraged and modelled and to be explored by students, key competencies that students will develop over time and in a range of settings, and learning areas that describe what they will come to know and do.   
Cotswold School has considered how each of these aspects of the curriculum will be promoted and developed in teaching and learning when designing and implementing its curriculum which engages and motivates its particular students.   
The Cotswold Curriculum begins with the premise that all students can learn and succeed and recognises that, as all students are individuals, their learning may call for different approaches, different resourcing, and different goals.
In the process of establishing the Cotswold Curriculum, the school staff, board of trustees and community have worked closely together. The Cotswold Curriculum reflects the vision, values and beliefs of the community, the particular needs and interests of its students, and the strengths of the staff. It builds on existing good practice and utilises local opportunities, resources and community support and is commonly referred to as The Cotswold Way.