Charter & Strategic Plan

Our Mission
Cotswold School aims to build a brighter future for its pupils by providing a safe and secure environment for learning and teaching by fostering cooperation and communication among family, staff and community. Pupils will be challenged to achieve their potential at their stage of development and in so doing maintain high self esteem while enjoying success and achievement, in an atmosphere which promotes learning, as well as fair and equal opportunities. Social skills will be promoted to encourage children to take responsibility for their own actions. 
Student Achievement Goal
To provide a quality learning programme with opportunities for all students to experience success in all the essential learning and skill areas placing emphasis on improving student achievement and literacy.
Our Beliefs
At Cotswold School we believe that students learn best when teachers:
  • Encourage Reflective Thought and Action
  • Enhance The Relevance Of New Learning
  • Make Connections
  • Provide Multiple Opportunities To Learn
  • Facilitate Shared Learning
  • Create A Supportive Learning Environment
  • Integrate information and communication technologies
Our Vision
We are developing confident, connected and committed learners who will positively contribute to society.
Our Values
At Cotswold we value:
  • Caring
  • Community
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Challenge
A printed copy of our Charter and Strategic Plan can be obtained by:
* Telephoning the school office on (03) 359-8035 and asking for one to be posted to you 
* Emailing the school office at and asking for one to be posted or emailed to you