Integrated Themes

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies values to be encouraged and modelled and to be explored by students, key competencies that students will develop over time and in a range of settings, and learning areas that describe what they will come to know and do.  Schools need to consider how each of these aspects of the curriculum will be promoted and developed in teaching and learning.  They can do this in different ways … . they may decide to organise their curriculum around central themes, integrating values, key competencies, knowledge, and skills across a number of learning areas.  Wherever possible, schools should aim to design their curriculum so that learning crosses apparent boundaries.
Cotswold School has chosen to develop significant integrated themes to engage students and integrate learning across the key competencies and the 8 learning areas. The themes will be connected, coherent and balanced across the curriculum. Themes will include the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students need for addressing real-life issues and in a real-life context. All themes fall under the LETS umbrella – Learning and Exploring Together to Succeed.

The four themes
  • LETS Care & Contribute
  • LETS Explore & Communicate
  • LETS Innovate & Create
  • LETS Compete & Challenge