Cotswold School Library is housed in the Information Centre in the hub of the school. The library provides books to engage students in their learning and enjoyment of reading.  

Wanting to look for a book in our catalogue?
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Student Librarians for 2018
Student Librarians will be chosen early in term 1 from year 6 students.

Class Visits
Each class has a scheduled visit to the library during the week. 

Borrowing from the library
Year 1 students can borrow 1 book, it is issued for 1 week.Year 2 students can borrow 2 books,  they are issued for 1 week.Year 3 and 4 students can borrow 3 books, they are issued for 2 weeks.Year 5 and 6 students can borrow 4 books, they are issued for 2 weeks. If you are still reading  your books when they are due back you can renew them.

New Books
Each week a selection of books new to the Library will be put on the New Book display shelves.  They stay there for one week so all classes can see them when their class visits.  These books can be reserved.New books are bought throughout the year from many different places. These go on display once they have had everything done to them to make them ready for using in the Library.

Reserve Books
This is what we call it when you put your name down on a waiting list for a particular title.  This can be a title off the new book display or a title that you want to read that you know the library has but is out when you looked for it. Reserving it means that when the book is returned or comes off the New Book display it will be kept for the next person on the waiting list.  If the book has a long waiting list it may take a while for it to be your turn.

Library open at lunchtimes
The Library is open at lunchtimes (12.50-1.30) Students can come and use the library and change their books in this time.Student Librarians are rostered on to supervise during this time.